Church members ousted, accuse pastor of racist remarks

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BEVINSVILLE, Ky. (WYMT/WKYT) - Four members of one church are ousted after claiming their pastor made several racial slurs.

It all started late last year when those members tried to take action against the pastor.

It is a tiny church in a tiny community, but some former members of Jacks Creek Baptist Church say it is full of problems.

"We have a pastor that is a bully, and he says things that he hadn't ought to," said former member Berman Newman.

Newman says he and several others are fed up with prejudiced comments made by Reverend Paul Grainger.

"He talks about other religions, Catholics, the Mormans and black people. He calls them the 'n' word," he said.

They made an appeal to the Southern Baptist Convention asking that action be taken against the reverend. SBC officials responded saying what happens within the church is "the responsibility of the members." They did however ask Grainger for an apology, and they got one.

"He apologized for saying it and promised that it wouldn't happen again. It was over," said Newman.

Or so they thought.

After that each of those four church members received letters informing them their church memberships had been revoked because they "caused and continued to cause disruption and affliction to the church."

"I would have never dreamed about anything to this nature ever happening in our church," said Newman.

The ousted church members also say the reverend did not follow church doctrine when revoking their memberships.

Mountain News was unable to contact Reverend Grainger for comment, but Newman says he still believes something needs to be done.

"I ask for help. In God's name I ask it because it's all for him," he said.

Help, he says, to get the church he has called home for more than a decade back on track.

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