City looking to boost attendance at Lexington pools

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Lexington City Pools are operating on a $1.2 million budget, but they're only bringing in $600,000.

With bad weather the past two summers, pool attendence is sinking. Now, city leaders are reaching out the community for suggestions on how to keep the city pools afloat.

The constant threat of rain has been affecting attendence and ultimately revenue.

"If the sun doesn't come out, then people don't come out. So its absolutuely paramount to this issue," Brian Rogers, who is with Lexington Park and Rec, explained.

Rogers says that on a really sunny day, about 1,500 people come to the city pools. However, on a stormy day, Rogers says they may not break 300.

Weather isn't the only challenge. Rogers tells WKYT that some people are going to surrounding counties for their summer fun.

"There are many of the surrounding counties that have outdoor facilities that are not as dated as ours are," Rogers said. "We would like to see more interactive water features, maybe lazy river or some new slides."

The City of Lexington says they have a plan to keep its seven pools swimming in the right direction, but they need the community's help. You can help buy filling out an online survey.

Pool patrons can also take the survey at the 'Get Out and Swim' Launch Party from noon-4:00p.m. on Saturday, July 11th, at Shillito Pool on Reynolds Road in Lexington. The "fun for all ages" event will include free admission to the pool, music, inflatables, prizes and free food.

The City has partnered with Brandstetter Carroll, Inc. to develop a long-term master plan for the future of Lexington's existing public aquatic facilities and potential new facilities, such as splash pads, an indoor pool, or other water features. Brandstetter Carroll is a Lexington-based architecture and engineering firm that has completed more than 130 aquatic center projects over the past 30 years.

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