Corbin police say panhandler is scamming people

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CORBIN, Ky. (WKYT) -- He claims to be homeless and hungry but police say a man's pleas for money are nothing more than a scam.

Corbin police say they want people to be alert for Troy Taylor, 37, they say he's been scamming drivers at two exits off interstate 75.

"We receive complaints all the time because he is getting high and drunk. When people don't give him what he wants or if they give him food then he does all this crazy stuff," said Major Rob Jones with the Corbin Police Department.

According to police, Taylor is typically seen holding a sign that says "hungry and homeless." But Major Jones says Taylor isn't homeless and the money he gets isn't being used to buy food.

"When he gets money he goes over to a restaurant and buys a beer, drinks his money away and then goes out there and stands to get more money," said Jones.

Corbin Police say Taylor panhandles at Exit 29 or on Exit 25 for two reasons. One -- there's always heavy traffic coming on and off I-75, two -- cars coming off the interstate have to come to a stop here, giving Taylor a chance to approach them.

Police tell us Taylor has been trading his panhandling money for drugs for the past several years and has the rap sheet to prove it.

"He is out there getting money, getting drugs and we are trying to get the word out to stop giving him money, he is not homeless, he is just using the money to get high," said Jones.

On Friday, Corbin Police alerted the public of Taylor's stint on their Facebook page. They say drawing attention to the issue may be the only way to stop Taylor's scheme.

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