Private investigators may hinder police investigations

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - On Thursday Florida private investigator Bill Warner told WKYT about his theory involving more than a dozen missing or murdered women, some from Kentucky, some from surrounding states. The women all share similar descriptions, petite with blonde hair, and all of their cases are unsolved.

"I'm just saying you have to step back, you have to look at other cases that are either in your state or surrounding state, do all these girls fit a profile and they do," Warner said.

Police working the cases of Misty Gwinner, in Kentucky told us they didn't think they were related. WKYT crime analyst... Don Evans... A retired Lexington homicide detective... says by creating that website Warner could potentially hinder some of those cases.

"It's not always beneficial when someone puts something out on social media because it causes the police to basically chase rumors."

An FBI spokesperson in Louisville tells us they were unaware of the website or any potential investigations involving missing women of similar descriptions.

"Investigators would always welcome any information, but at the same time you prefer stuff from people related to the case, that are actually involved with the investigation, unless they have some direct evidence."

Warner has talked with the families of four of the women he spotlighted.

Evans says police may already be aware of the similarities between many of these cases because of a national database they share.

"Investigators of unsolved crimes throughout the country plug their information from their case into that database and it looks for connections and it will print out to investigators if there's a connection."

While it may not be the attention police are asking for, Evans does say keeping people talking about these women and their cases could help find answers.

"Bottom line is when it's all said and done hopefully they will be able to resolve all of these cases and bring relief to these families."

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