Courtroom video captures attack on family court judge

It was disorder in the court as a divorce hearing got too heated.

Two people, once married, took their differences before a judge in the Wayne County family courtroom Wednesday.

Judge Jennifer Upchurch Edwards was hearing a domestic violence complaint against Melissa Hardwick from her estranged husband.

“Things have been escalating since the first of the year,” the woman's ex-husband is heard saying in the courtroom recording, obtained by 27 NEWSFIRST.

Not long after that is said, Hardwick is both seen and heard arguing with the judge.

“That’s got nothing to do with it,” said Hardwick during the July 13 family court hearing, referring to her estranged husband’s comments about their personal life.

“Ms. Hardwick, you will be held in contempt of court,” Judge Edwards told Hardwick, after several profanities were said by Hardwick.

“I don’t care. I haven’t done anything to this court,” Hardwick said. “Haven’t done anything to him."

“She’ll be held in contempt,” said Judge Edwards.

Hardwick is then seen jumping over the bench, in what appears to be an attempt to physically attack Judge Edwards.

Three deputies are then seen grabbing Hardwick and pushing her to the floor. She was then taken away in handcuffs, allegedly threatening the judge as she was being taken out of the courtroom.

“You’ll be sad when it happens, Jennifer!” Hardwick is heard saying.

Hardwick is in jail on contempt of court charges now, but officials say more will be added.

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