Cowboy singing group stranded on snowy Kentucky highway

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VANDALIA, Il. (AP) - The show must go on -- but sometimes Mother Nature creates an exception.

The western-comedy group Riders in the Sky missed a matinee in Vandalia, Illinois, yesterday because the drive from Nashville that should have taken them about 5 hours -- took 20.

Guitarist Ranger Doug says they got just north of the Kentucky-Tennessee border, when Interstate 24 was shut down due to heavy snow.

Fortunately, they were in a motor home, so they had more of the comforts than other drivers just stuck in their cars.

Unfortunately -- when they were able to get back on the icy highway, a tractor-trailer passing too close forced them into a snowdrift.

They lost the front fender of their motor home.

Riders in the Sky did make it to Vandalia in time for Thursday evening's show.

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