Crews battling large wildfire

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Crews are battling another large wildfire.

More than 125 acres are burning in the Owsley Fork Reservoir near the Madison/Jackson County line.

Firefighters from two counties rushed to save homes from the forest fire that spread fast.

"When we got here, it was about 25 125 acres and still growing," said Captain Tim Gray with Madison County Fire Department.

At least 15 homes in the Owsley Fork Reservoir area were in need of protection Saturday evening.

"I was deer hunting when my wife called me said there's a fire," said Randy Hutchins.

The Hutchins family watched anxiously as the fire threatened a neighbors house, just up the hill from where they live.

"I was starting to get worried about our house because fire can jump the road," said Hutchins.

As trees came crashing down, firefighters quickly created fire lines around houses in an area that stretched from Kate's Gap to Red Lick Road, and further North.

"We've staged vehicles around structures, kept fire off them, and we are moving on to the next structures," said Gray.

As of Saturday evening, none of the homes had caught fire.

Those living in the area credit the firefighters for saving their homes.

"We're very lucky," said Evette Hutchins, "they did a great job."

Fire officials say they will likely be dealing with the forest fire over-night Saturday and into Sunday.

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