Sunday's shooting latest case in string of violence in Lexington neighborhood

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Police say a man was shot near the Speedway gas station at the intersection of Versailles Road and Alexandria Avenue about 1 a.m. Sunday when he was trying to break up a fight.

"There's just too much crime in the area, it's truly sad," said Tonya Moore who lives in the area.

She says Sunday morning's shooting is just the latest case of violent crime in the neighborhood.

"I think it's really scary, you can't walk outside when it's night time," said Donna McGee.

Police say last month a man was shot twice during an attempted robbery a block away from where the latest shooting happened.

McGee says she is still shaken by the shooting that killed her friend, Mike Patel.

Investigators say the store clerk at the Marathon on Alexandria Drive was gunned down during a robbery in December.

"It's really sad because I walk by there and next thing you know there are flowers sitting in front of the gas station, it was really sad," McGee said.

Moore tells us that the crime has stolen her sense of security, “It's scary to be outside here at night, it's scary to be out here during the day."

Police say they're trying to figure out why the man was shot Sunday night and who pulled the trigger.

Police say the man was shot on the left side of his body but he wasn't seriously hurt.