Disabled veteran loses money in scam

BEREA, Ky. (WKYT) - A disabled veteran has lost more than $1,000 in a scam. Now police in Berea are trying to help him get his money back.

Eddie Negron says he found a mason on craigslist and paid him to build an outdoor chimney. Now, that mason has disappeared along with Negron's money.

"We started searching on the websites for a masonry contractor and we found one that was available," explains Negron. Bigfoot Brick and Block Masonry, on a craigslist ad, caught his eye. The owner, Phillip Brennan, came over to give Negron an estimate.

"He looked at the actual work that he was supposed to have done. Took the measurements to the tee, knew the footage, knew how much it was gonna cost, the material, the size, the width, all that information."

Negron signed a contract, and gave him more than $1,000.

"He had advised us that he needed some money up front so he could buy the supplies because he can't get all the supplies at once."

Negron says after he paid the down payment, Brennan never showed up to do the work. Negron filed a report with police. They have now filed criminal complaints against Brennan.

"We don't want anybody else to fall victim to this same kind of scam. We don't want this guy to get anybody else's money. These people are out this money. And they still don't have this work done," notes Sergeant Jake Reed with Berea Police.

Sergeant Reed believes Brennan lives in Flemingsburg and may be going around Central Kentucky scamming others.

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