Doctor accused of road rage shooting arraigned in Madison County

MADISON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) The man accused of firing a gun at another driver who was recording what he said was reckless driving was arraigned in Madison District Court on Wednesday morning.

Dr. Perrin Dobyns had a not guilty plea entered on his behalf during a video arraignment.

His bond was held at $2,500, and Dobbins said someone was going to post that for him.

His preliminary hearing is set for next Wednesday, October 9th at 9:30.


We've all likely wondered what to do if we ever caught a reckless driver out on the road. For David Kollar, it looked a little something like this video he shot Sunday, and that we were the first to show you on Monday.

"The window comes down, he pulls up a gun and fires, almost immediately he fires. As soon as I see the gun come up I just hit the brake and he missed me," said Kollar who kept his camera rolling.

Before starting his recording, Kollar said he witnessed the black car drive on the emergency lane of Interstate-75, in Richmond, next to another car. The witness said the car began acting as if he was going to force his way into the left lane where another vehicle was driving.

Kollar said he was worried that on the busy interstate, someone could've gotten hurt because of this driver's actions. That's when he pulled up his phone and started capturing the driver's actions. After safely getting away, Kollar turned everything over to police.

"I'm not trying to be a vigilante and follow this guy. I just want to get the information I need, get off the road, and call police," he explained.

"I was actually very surprised. It's not everyday that you see that," said Trooper Robert Purdy, of the Kentucky State Police.

Investigators say they went to work tracking down this man, Perrin Dobyns, in Indiana where he was arrested Monday afternoon at work.

"It's not everyday we actually have a video showing a road rage, or somebody brandishing a firearm," added the Trooper.

Police credit Kollar for the quick arrest because of the video and his awareness to get the man's license plate. The rest, they said, fell into place after they were able to confirm the man's identity and vehicle with Indiana State Police.

"We're not sure where he was coming from, and he had about another hour-and-a-half to two hour drive back home. So, there's no telling what actually could've happened after he left Madison County," said Trooper Purdy.

Police tell us that Dobyns works at the Branchville Correctional Facility, in Branchville, Indiana. WKYT contacted a local Sheriff's office who told us that Dobyns is actually the prison's doctor.

"Wow. Wow, that's a little scary," reacted Kollar, after hearing the suspect was a doctor. "Certainly the guy that's driving in the left lane (shoulder), passing people and shooting at people on the interstate needs to be off the road."

Dr. Dobyns is currently being held in the Perry County Jail, in Southern Indiana, and is expected to be brought back to Kentucky, likely as early as Tuesday. KSP hopes to be able to speak with Dobyns soon to question the 51-year-old man about his alleged actions. The doctor was arrested on a warrant for wanton endangerment.