Doctor on probation for sexual misconduct

The state's Board of Medical Licensure conducted a lengthy investigation on claims against Dr. Jon Strauss.

The board ended up finding the Madison County doctor guilty of improperly documenting patient treatment, improperly prescribing medication to his own family, and engaging in sexual misconduct with patients, saying in the case of one woman, "that he performed breast and pelvic exams on her for no legitimate medical reason, that he engaged in sexual intercourse with Patient U to help her 'overcome a fear of sex,' and that he provided controlled substances in exchange for sexual relations."

In the order, Dr. Strauss blames the lack of patient treatment documents on what he calls a frustrating and difficult move from paper to electronic records. With patients claiming sexual contact, he told the board "that they lied about their allegations to retaliate against him or to seek monetary damages from him, and that neither patient provided believable or truthful testimony at the hearing."

Dr. Strauss is on a five year probation. He's had to complete a "Maintaining Proper Boundaries" course and take a documentation seminar. The board has banned him from seeing female patients without a chaperon present.

Dr. Strauss and his attorney have filed an appeal.

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