Dog stranded on a ledge for at least one week rescued in Wolfe County

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WOLFE COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - It was a happy ending to what team members with Wolfe County Search and Rescue call a very difficult mission. Now, they are hoping to make it even better by reuniting the dog they saved off of a cliff with his owner.

The rescue happened in Muir Valley, a popular area for rock climbing. Team members say for several days climbers had reported hearing barking but did not realize it was a dog calling out for help.

"Then another report came in about the same dog so the rescue team was called out to locate him," said Michael Hackett.

The hound dog was found just before dusk on Friday. The first ones who found him say he was unable to bark anymore and was trying to drink water off of the leaves.

"Reliable reports and based on his condition he had been up there at least a week," said Hackett.

The dog was trapped about 20 feet below the cliff the team was standing on, however they say there was not any easy access to him.

"He was where 2 cliffs come together and he was on the other side. There was no access to him from there. So we lowered our rescuer down about 15 feet then he traversed to the other side, going across a dirt path that was about a 75 degree angle," explained Hackett.

Once to the dog, rescuers say he immediately came to them smelling some food they had put in their pockets for him.

They say the lift back up was also difficult all the rescue taking around 2 hours in the pouring rain.

This mission, just like all of their others, even while risking their own safety ... there was never any hesitation.

"You can't see an animal stranded like that and not help," said Hackett.

Unfortunately, the dog did not have a collar on. A team member is taking care of him as they now search for his owner

If you know who the dog belongs to you are asked to contact the Wolfe County Search and Rescue Team.