Dogs from war coming to Whitley County

WILLIAMSBURG, Ky (WKYT) - Raz is a gentle black lab trained to find a very dangerous object.

"We don't have many bomb threats in the city, but if we do, we have the tools to deal with it now," said Williamsburg Police Chief Wayne Bird of the black labs.

Raz, Leigh, and Mattie recently served with the US Marines. Now their new home is with the Williamsburg Police Dept. and the Whitley County Jail.

"It's my understanding that Raz did 5 tours in Afghanistan, Leigh did 3 tours,"said Bird.

Like their serviceman trainers, their assignments often had them in harm's way.

"And I think one of the explosives went off and the dog had to be medi-vaced," said Bird of one of the dogs.

One dog will be used at the Whitley jail..the other two by the city police department.

"It's my understanding that the military has $30,000 invested in each of the dogs," said Bird.

But the cost to the community is nothing.

"If we have to use it one time, it is well worth it. We may never use it," said Whitley County Jailer Ken Mobley.

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