Dogs from Ohio Co. hoarding situation arrive in Lexington

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Rescuers found them in terrible living conditions, but now, dozens of dogs seized from a Kentucky home are receiving a second chance.

Rescuers recently found more than 50 dogs living in and around an Ohio County home, the sheriff's office said.

On Thursday, eight of those dogs were brought to Lexington for care. And it will not be long until the dogs join the others inside the Lexington Humane Society as they search for their "forever homes."

"From any horrible situation or deplorable conditions that they were living in, it's sad," said Ashley Hammond, development manager for the Lexington Humane Society. "But we're very excited that they're coming to us."

They have come a long way - more than just the 150-plus miles from Ohio County.

On Jan. 30, sheriff's deputies, animal control officers and the Animal Rescue Corps (ARC) rescued 54 dogs living among trash and their own waste at a home in Ohio County.

A news release from the Ohio County Sheriff's Office states that the dogs' only water source was dirty rainwater - green with algae - that collected in broken buckets.

Some even suffered from internal and external parasites, the release said.

Now for eight of the dogs, the Lexington Humane Society is their first stop on their way to a second chance.

Hammond said the dogs were evaluated by veterinary staff upon arrival at the Lexington Humane Society late Thursday night.

Any dogs that have not been spayed or neutered will undergo the proper procedure, she said. After that, the dogs will be placed into foster care.

"They'll be in a foster home to work on socialization for a little while until they're ready for adoption," Hammond said. "Just having the touch of a human, and the love, showing them that humans do love, that they do have that capability and we're here to help them."

When they are ready, the dogs will be put up for adoption, looking for a loving home. It is a day that all those involved anticipate.

"It warms our heart," Hammond said. "We see that animal from the worst it's been in its life that we know of, to the best that it's been."

Until then, the eight dogs fresh off the road from Ohio County will now take the road to recovery.

WBKO, WKYT's sister station in Bowling Green, reports that the dogs' owner cooperated with law enforcement and does not face any charges.

Hammond said the Lexington Humane Society rescued over 100 cats from a similar hoarding situation in northern Kentucky just last week.