Employees chase would-be robber from store

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LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Police think the same man might be behind the past three robbery attempts in Laurel County. Now they're concerned that, because he hasn't been successful, he might be even more dangerous.

"They were chasing him as hard as they could and he was running as hard as he could to get away," said Laurel County sheriff's deputy Gilbert Acciardo.

Deputies say an alert group of employees at Love's Travel Stop foiled an attempted armed robbery Thursday night.

"The lady behind the counter became alarmed, yelled out "Oh my God, it's a robbery!" and started backing up. She had a headset on and the other employees heard the fact that the robbery was going down. He knew he was going to be captured if he didn't get out of there, so he ran out the door just flying," said Acciardo.

Several employees chased the man out the door to a truck parked nearby where he got away. While it worked out well that time, deputies said it's a bad idea.

"He's armed with a gun, I'm sure they didn't have a gun. I mean, what was they gonna do if he turned around and started shooting at them?" Acciardo said.

Last nights attempt is one of many recently in the area.

"We might have 5 armed robberies in a year in laurel county and we've had five in less than two months," said Acciardo.

Deputies said they think that man was behind at least three of the robbery attempts. In one incident, they say workers at a Shell station locked the door before he could get in. Unsuccessful attempts, deputies said, could make him desperate.

"The likelihood of violence occurring increases as the robberies increase, so we've got to catch this guy," said Acciardo.

Police say they're also working two other robberies in the area at about the same time, but they haven't linked this man to them.

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