Anderson County nursing home residents come down with Enterovirus

LAWRENCEBURG, Ky. (WKYT) - The director of the local health department says more than 30 residents of the Heritage Hall nursing home exhibited symptoms and nine of those were confirmed to have the condition.

The health department conducted random samples...with seven of ten coming back positive for Enterovirus.

"It normally causes a mild illness, sometimes people are not even symptomatic," said Dr. Kraig Humbaugh, with the Ky. Health Cabinet.

But last week, five from the nursing home were sent to a Frankfort hospital...two were put on a ventilator and one coded in route to the hospital. The nursing home put itself on self quarantine but has since removed that. Health officials say the elderly can be more vulnerable.

"And those type of people, people who have asthma, already respiratory conditions," said Dr. Humbaugh.

The symptoms that most exhibited are similar to the flu...state health officials say it usually impacts children.

"It can start out as a cold, cough, running nose, fever, progress to more severe respiratory problems," said Dr. Humbaugh.

The Anderson Co. health director says local schools have not shown any marked increase in absences and they do not believe the condition spread outside the nursing facility.

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