Exotic bird rescued after spending days on live wire

They're used to scaling tall heights to fix power outages but today an electrical crew went high in the air for an unusual rescue.

They saved a parrot who had been stuck on a live wire in Lexington for days.

The Amazonian parrot named Petey spent four days perched on a live wire high above New Circle Road. People working nearby tried to coax him down but Petey remained in place.

"He'll look down at us, but there's no movement. It's got to be hungry, I don't want the thing to die," said Jack Jones, general manager at Key Auto.

A friend told Petey's owner that he was just down the street, watching as other birds took off without incident. She came and called his name but Petey refused to budge.

Kentucky Utility workers used food to try to coax him off the line. They said 130,000 volts were traveling through it, so there was no way to grab him. They also said every time he tried to move off, he got shocked.

Finally, fearing dehydration and starvation, workers pushed Petey with a rubber line cover. He flew down to a nearby car lot where his owner scooped him up in her coat.

"I was telling the other gentleman I don't think he's going to make it, but he said everything's going to be fine. Look at him, he looks good. It's Petey!" said Sahar Nasir, who has had the bird for ten years.

Nasir says Petey got out when a deliveryman opened the back door of her store before she could put him in his cage. She's spent the last several days searching for her lost pet who was barely a block away, but very out of reach.

Petey was taken to a veterinarian and is now resting.

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