Family members say Lexington scammer needs help

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Family of 30-year-old Gary Thompson say they have had enough of his games.

"I know, I got mental handicaps. I'm working for my money," says Thompson.

Thompson tells WKYT that he doesn't see anything wrong with pretending to have a mental disability and to take money from shoppers.

"I'm just beginning," Thompson says.

"I don't know whether you call it crazy, stupid, ignorant, whatever it is. But, he does know how to manipulate too. But, that still doesn't make him right in the mind," says Gary Horton, Thompson's uncle.

Horton says his nephew has caused trouble since he was a teenager, "He has forged thee checks off of me for $100 apiece."

Horton says the family has given up on him, "He can go no place. Nowhere. He's run out of places to go."

Horton feels bad that Thompson was seriously injured as a child. He was hit by a vehicle while on a motorcycle. But, he also says there is no excuse for the choices Thompson continues to make, "I guess the boy has had lot of pain. He is grown man now. He is 30 years old."

Horton expects Thompson to continue to have run-ins with police until he gets some medical attention, "I don't think he needs to go to prison anywhere. I think he needs to be in a medical facility. I think he needs treatment."

While he can still walk, Gary legitimately needs a wheelchair to get around easier.

"I mean, people give people in wheelchairs money that are handicap. I'll just not act retarded anymore and get their money and I'll be normal. I am normal. It just helps to be mentally handicapped."

Lexington police expect to receive more complaints about Gary Thompson now that he has shared his scamming story.