Former Bengals fullback pleads guilty to road rage incident

MADISON CO., Ky. (WKYT) - Orson Charles, former fullback for the Cincinnati Bengals, appeared in Madison County Circuit Court for his final sentencing on wanton endangerment charges Friday morning. Orson was arrested last April after being accused of pointing a gun at another driver in a road rage case.

WKYT talked to the victim of the road rage incident last April. He said Charles nearly hit him. The driver admitted to making an obscene gesture at Charles. After that, he said Charles pulled a gun from his glove compartment and pointed it at him. He said he pointed the gun three separate times.

As part of his plea agreement Friday, Charles pleaded guilty to one year, with a diversion period of two years. His attorney told WKYT he's essentially on probation for two years.

Charles was eligible for diversion because he didn't have a criminal record, his attorney said. The diversion will be unsupervised. Charles is supposed to check in to the parole division by phone once a month. If he doesn't commit any other crimes in the next two years the charges will be dropped.

Charles has since been transferred to the New Orleans Saints.

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