Coroner identifies man found dead in Frankfort apartment

Scene of death investigation on Deepwood Drive in Frankfort.| Photo by Garrett Wymer

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - Franklin County Coroner William Harrod has identified the victim in a Frankfort homicide as Thomas Ellison, 66, of Frankfort.

An autopsy is scheduled for Saturday, the coroner said.

Police were called to Ellison's apartment Friday afternoon after a neighbor found him dead inside his apartment on Deepwood Drive, police said.

Major Rob Warfel and Coroner William Harrod say they believe they are dealing with a homicide.

The coroner and investigators were on the scene for hours, into Friday evening.

"For someone so close, you just can't believe it, can't get it through your head. You don't know what to think. It's awful," said Gabriel Hatchell, who said Ellison was like a father figure to him. "I would just like for whoever done this to come forward, turn yourself in. You know who you are, what you've done. Turn yourself in. You know what you've done to a good person."

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