Nearly 20 cats rescued in hoarding case

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FRANKFORT, KY. (WKYT) - Dozens of cats have been rescued from a hoarding case in Franklin County.

The Franklin County Humane Society tells us they discovered more than 30 cats at a home on Patricia Street in Frankfort owned by Susan Rambo.

"The first thing we do when we walk into situations like this is wonder how somebody lived like this. The entire house was taken over by the cats,” said Nancy Benton, Shelter Manager.

Officials say Rambo initially refused to surrender the animals to authorities but eventually complied, allowing the Humane Society staff to capture 16 of the animals on Wednesday and set up humane traps in order to round up the remainder.

Susan Rambo wasn't home when we visited her house Wednesday afternoon. We talked to her neighbors who say that the cats were taken care of and that they never knew there was a problem.

But Benton says otherwise. “The condition of the house and the conditions for the cats were pretty bad.”

With its space and resources already over capacity, housing these cats isn't easy to take on for the humane society.

“When we get hit this hard all at one time, it does put a strain on it. Each cat costs us $5 dollars a day just for boarding cats. So for these cats, it’s costing us $75 dollars a day just for that expense.”

Since this case will have to be settled through the court system, the cats will have to be housed and cared for at the shelter.

The Franklin County Humane Society says the best way to help is by giving monetary donations which can be done through their website or dropped off at the shelter.

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