'Free the Nipple' equality movement comes to Kentucky

Photo taken from 'Free the Nipple' Facebook page

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - Thanks to a high school student, a national equality movement will be coming to Kentucky this weekend.

The "Free the Nipple Walk" equality march will take place today in Louisville. The walk is part of a growing movement across the county that aims to raise awareness against female oppression and censorship.

According to WKLY in Louisville, Nan Elpers, 18, is the main reason the walk is happening. Elpers says she first learned about the movement through her gender studies class. After seeing how successful the walk was in other cities around the country, Elpers made it her goal to bring the event to Kentucky.

Elpers told WLKY that she originally invited a few friends on Facebook to see if they would be interested. It quickly gained attention and the following day, numerous people had been invited.

Now, over 500 people said they will be taking part in the walk. Unlike typical marches or walks, most participants in "Free the Nipple Walk" are expected to be topless.

Although hundreds of people are expected to be topless, Elders told WLKY that the walk is meant to bring awareness to equality for women.

The walk is free to the public and begins at 11 a.m. at Willow Park, near Eastern Parkway in Louisville.

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