Dog safe after caught in hunting trap

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After an estimated 18 hours caught in a hunting trap, Sassy, an 8-year-old yellow lab is back with her family.

Sassy wandered off yesterday, which isn't unusual since she's an outdoor dog, but when she didn't come home last night, her owner, Amy Heibenthal, started worrying.

"I could hear her and just thought she ran off. We couldn't locate her, it was dark. Then this morning we got up and she wasn't in her dog house and I yelled for her and she yelled back," she says.

After the fog lifted, Sassy's family could see her through binoculars stuck on a rock ledge several feet above Herrington Lake. They called the Sheriff's Office and the Camp Dick Fire and Rescue boat was in the water shortly after. Workers were able to pluck Sassy from the ledge and they found out why she couldn't get away. One of her paws was caught in a hunting trap.

"I'm just thankful that she's walking, that she's here, that those good people got to her," she says.

Amy says, though she's glad Sassy is home safe and sound, the thought that there could be more traps out there makes her nervous.

"Pick them up. There's enough trash down here, I mean, we don't need traps to hurt anybody. Who's to say we weren't down there swimming and I could have been caught in it. It's scary," she says.

Sassy's family took her to the vet to get checked out after the rescue. Her paw's a little beat up, but they say she'll be okay. Authorities in Garrard County say they're trying to figure out whether or not that trap was set legally.

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