Hardin Co. woman accused of cutting dog to use dog's pain medication

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ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - Elizabethtown Police say Heather Pereira, 23, cut her dog with razor blades, just so she could take the dog's pain medication.

"Something like this is definitely uncharted territory," said Dr. Chad Bailey, Elizabethtown Animal Hospital.

Bailey told WLKY Pereira brought her golden retriever in with multiple cuts that required several sutures, twice in October. On Dec. 4, it happened again.

"This was the third time the dog had been to the clinic since Oct. 17 and all three times it was there, it was for lacerations that it received," said Sgt. Timothy Cleary, Elizabethtown Police Department.

The cuts are described as clean, as if they were done with a razor blade.

"Looked like clean cuts instead of the jaggedness that you might see in most animal injuries," said Cleary.

Vets say during each visit, Pereira asked for a pain medication named Tramadol, which is meant for dogs.

Workers feared Pereira used a razor blade to cut the dog to get that medicine and police were called.

Pereira confessed to police and admitted she had done the same thing at a Louisville animal clinic.

She is charged with three counts of animal torture and obtaining a controlled substance by fraud.

Her dog is staying with a foster family.