Haunted Kentucky horse farm among scariest places in America

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For years, the owner of a central Kentucky horse farm has insisted her property is haunted. Now she's getting some national attention after her home made the list of top ten, scariest homes for sale. The owner hopes the distinction will draw buyers instead of scaring them away.

It's only been on the market for about three weeks, but for a mere $129,000, this charming estate can be yours. The fully fenced farm sits on five pastoral acres with two quaint barns for your four-legged friends, and an 1150 square-foot furnished home. But that's just the beginning. "Ghosts are included with the house but not guaranteed," owner Lura Ketchledge said.

Ketchledge wants potential buyers to know exactly what a bargain they'll be getting. "In this tough economy, you have to list all your home's assets," the owner said.

Ketchledge claims to have had five successful paranormal investigations within the last two years that documented mysterious beams of light, strange shadows, and floating orbs. "I've heard whispering. I have seen full-bodied apparitions that are clear."

Ketchledge insists these supernatural experiences have all been positive ones, and even though toptenrealestatedeals.com calls her farm one of the two scariest places in America for sale, she says she's not afraid to live there. "Some of the paranormal events, ghosts, what have you, I've known who they are. I've had communication, and I find it very comforting."

In fact, as a paranormal author, Ketchledge has been inspired by the farm enough to write three novels. If you'd like to learn more about the haunted horse farm, the author and owner is hosting a zombie ball this Saturday at 6pm at the Chrisman Mill Vineyard in Nicholasville. You can check out some of the paranormal evidence, and you can bid in an auction for private tours of the property.

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