Home invasion ends quickly in gunfire in Morgan County

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MORGAN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - It's frightening for anyone when you notice a burglar breaking into your home. That happened to a man in Morgan County Tuesday afternoon. But this homeowner decided to fight back, using a gun to chase the burglar away.

Reverend Jason James was at home in Morgan County when he saw a man at his back door on George Hammond Road. That's when he took action to protect himself during what officials call a home invasion.

"I always have a gun close by. So just by force of habit, I picked it up," said Rev. James.

Tuesday afternoon that gun came in handy while Rev. James was at home alone and heard someone struggling to enter his home.

"I got to the kitchen, and I could see through the window an orange shirt," said Rev. James.

The man in that orange shirt wasn't anyone he knew, so he says he quickly dialed 911. He then put the phone down, keeping dispatchers on the line who overheard everything.

"At about that time I kind of screamed real loud like, 'Hey! What are you doing?'" said Rev. James.

That's when the man made it two steps inside his back door, which was too close for comfort for Rev. James.

"I pointed my gun at him for it seemed like forever, but it was probably just a few seconds," said Rev. James. "He looked at me. I looked at him."

The man turned and took off into the woods, but Rev. James didn't let him get away without a scare.

"He was 50 to 60 yards from the step, and I fired way off in the opposite direction into the ground," said Rev. James. "That was my way of motivating him to leave."

Then firing a second shot, he says the man quickly disappeared over the hill behind his home. And since nothing was stolen from his home, James considers himself lucky.

"I'm glad I was home," said Rev. James. "10 minutes later my six-year-old and my wife would've been there. And I don't know what I would have done then."

In the end, the James family thanks a quick response from law enforcement for keeping them and their belongings safe.

The suspect in this case is still on the run as state police and sheriff's deputies continue investigating. He is being described as a white man between 5'6" and 5'8" who was wearing an orange shirt with multiple tattoos on his arms. He was last seen in the community of Index near George Hammond Road.

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