How often do health inspectors visit local restaurants?

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Every restaurant wants a score of 100 after a health inspector comes through, but that doesn't always happen.

Russell Cantrell, a Senior Environmental Health Inspector tells WKYT,that they inspect establishments two times a year. This typically
happens every six months.

"We only visit those establishments two times of the year out of 365 days. And most people wouldn't think that's enough to see really see. Most part it's not on a daily behavior," says Cantrell.

Cantrell says that visits are unannounced.

The Environmental Health Department relies on customers to alert them of any problems during the rest of the year.

The inspections often take at least an hour to complete. Inspectors look for anything that could present a health concern to the public.

Health inspectors tell us it's rare for restaurants to get a perfect score.

"Since I opened here. One time, I had a 98. Which I was not happy. And that was because I put something somewhere I wasn't supposed to," says Mamadou Savane, known as "Sav".

Every other time, Sav, the owner of Sav's Grill says he has earned 100s, "I'm really typical and strict with the cleanness. I tell that to all my employees. You've got to keep cleaning."

If you have a problem to report at a Lexington establishment, you are urged to call the Environmental Health Department. The number is
(859) 231-9791.