INTERACTIVE | Google searches and where Ky. ranks in racism study

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A study examining the number of Google searches for the N-word ranks the majority of Kentucky among the most racist places in the country.

Research published in the journal PLOS ONE aimed to examine the disparity in health care based on people's race and the relation between racism in their community.

To determine racism, researchers measured Google searches in 196 of the nation's television markets saying it would more accurately reflect racism than relying on honest answers from interviewees.

The greatest proportions of Google searches containing the N-word were concentrated in the rural South and Northeast.

The Lexington television market which covers central, southern and the majority of eastern Kentucky was among the areas with above average Google searches deemed as racist. Bowling Green, Paducah and Kentucky counties included in the Knoxville and Bristol/Kingsport/Johnson City, Tennessee markets also rated above average.

The Louisville area, parts of northern Kentucky in the Cincinnati television market, and parts of Kentucky outside Evansville, Indiana ranked above the national average but not as high as other places.

The only Kentucky counties to rank below the national average were the extreme southern Kentucky counties that make up part of the Nashville television market.

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