Investigators back at Woodford Co. farm where 16 horses were found dead

WOODFORD COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Sheriffs deputies and animal control officials are back at a Woodford County farm collecting more evidence after dozens of dead animals were discovered.

Woodford county animal control received a neglect and cruelty complaint late Monday afternoon. When investigtors searched the property on Woodlake Road near Midway they found the bodies of 16 horses, a donkey, and several chickens, cats, and dogs.

One deputy said it looked like some of the animals had been dead for months.

Animal Control officers said seeing just how many animals they were dealing with was tough.

"You needed a moment to get strong and then get the job done. We had to be strong for the other animals," said Animal Control officer Jodi Mullins.

The farm is leased to Sheryl Jeffers, animal control officers questioned her Tuesday morning. We were told Monday night charges of animal neglect and cruelty could be pending.

Investigators told us that many of the dead animals were found in cages, stalls, or trailers. They believe Jeffers took the animals in as rescues. There are a lot of other living animals still on the farm.

Workers at the Woodford County Humane Society say they'll be working to help adopt out many of those animals as they are released to animal control.

As part of the investigation the body of one of those horses was taken to Lexington. Animal Control officers say they hope to learn how each of those animals died.

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