Jessamine County cyclist arrested

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NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - Just days after being convicted of careless driving, a central Kentucky bicyclist was arrested.

Cherokee Schill was arrested Tuesday and taken to the Jessamine County Jail. Schill tells WKYT she was on her way to school, riding in the right lane of U.S. 27, when she was arrested. Schill says she has video of what led up to her arrest. She plans to review it once she gets out of jail. She's charged with 2nd degree wanton endangerment.

"I feel like mostly I'm standing up for myself. If other cyclists want to support me, I really appreciate that," Schill says.

Schill has been riding her bike to work from Nicholasville to Lexington for the past year and a half. Police have cited her several times, saying her trip down U.S. 27 endangers her and other drivers. Last week, a judge found her guilty of those charges.

"Police received a call in regards to a cyclist on US 27 that was creating a dangerous situation," Officer Kevin Grimes said.

Officer Kevin Grimes with Nicholasville Police says Schill was arrested for Second Degree Wanton Endangerment, for riding in the center of the right lane.

The arresting officer says he saw several cars braking and changing lanes erratically to avoid hitting her.

"It could cause harm to others and she had knowledge of that, that's why the wanton endangerment charge came out," Officer Grimes said.

"I have posted videos on to YouTube in which it shows officers passing me in the same traffic conditions, nobody is pulling me over," Schill said.

Schill feels victimized, but maintains it's her right to use the road.
Despite a judge finding her guilty of careless driving, and prosecutors telling her to use the shoulder, she continues to stand up for herself.

"People need to understand that I'm riding to be safe," Schill said.

The cameras on Schill's bicycle captured the final moments of her ride on US 27 before she was arrested and booked. She was looking forward to reviewing the tape.

"I was just looking for any type of situation that would be considered dangerous. I didn't see any," Schill said. "That gap wasn't big enough for them to pass me legally, so they (drivers) are going to pass me illegally. "

Officer Kevin Grimes, with Nicholasville Police, says there's no excuse for the behavior of the drivers.

"It clearly was a dangerous situation for the motorists as well as the cyclists," Grimes said.

Schill asks drivers for their patience.

"You see me, start looking for that lane change. Start looking to change lanes and do so," Schill said.

Schill will be in court again in October to argue two traffic citations and her wanton endangerment charge.