Kentucky cat announces 2016 presidential bid

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Limberbutt McCubbins, a Kentucky cat, is running for president.

The Louisville Courier-Journal reports the cat relied on translators Isaac Weiss and Emilee McCubbins to announce his 2016 presidential bid.

The cat, a Democrat, plans to improve space exploration and environmental protection.

"In life, there are barricades. Things that we cannot cross on our own. But that is okay. Because we are not a nation that sees a challenge and says forget it. We are a nation that works together to overcome our obstacles," the cat wrote on his Facebook page.

Limberbutt was rescued by his owner, Emilee. Lumberbutt is using the campagin slogan, Meow is the Time on social media.

Although Limberbutt is a cat, he has not avoided controversy.

"My fellow Americans, recently, I received a letter asking me to verify that I am indeed an American citizen. I declined to let them prove it, for I am a cat, and cats have no nationality," the cat announced.

Limberbutt also launched a campaign website where supporters can purchase yard signs, coffee mugs and t-shirts.

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