Kentucky named one of the most inactive states in the nation

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Several people took advantage of the warm weather today to come out to the University of Kentucky Arboretum for a little exercise, but a new study by the Centers for Disease Control says that not enough Kentuckians are doing just that.

"That's kind of depressing that out of all these states that Kentucky has 4 of the 5. That's a bad statistic," says Cara Boyd.

That statistic is that the CDC says Kentucky is home to 4 of the 5 most inactive counties in the nation. Those four are Carter, Magoffin, McCreary, and Pike counties. Translated, that means the CDC considers Kentucky one of the laziest states in the nation! Dr. Scott Black of the University of Kentucky says this report comes as no surprise to him.

"We've been fairly consistent with that for several years, so that's really not anything new, says Dr. Black.

Dr. Black has a theory about why these counties are so inactive and says these people are setting themselves up for severe health problems.

"If you look at the areas that are particularly inactive, there's not a lot of opportunity for physical activity. There aren't gyms available, fitness centers. It's well proven now that physical inactivity is as much a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and other things we associate with aging as high blood pressure, cigarette smoking, high cholesterol, and all if those things," he says.

The CDC hopes that community organizers and policymakers will use the information in this report to create more health-promoting landscaping and urban design.

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