Letcher County gun store declares itself "Muslim-Free Zone"

Jace Firearms
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WHITESBURG, Ky. (WKYT) - The owners of a Letcher County gun store have caused some controversy with the language they have decided to use on their store sign.

On Wednesday, the rotating electronic sign outside the Jace Firearms in Whitesburg read "Muslim-Free Gun Store."

The owners say they were inspired to ban Muslim customers in response to the shooting deaths of four Marines and a Navy Sailor earlier this month in Chatanooga, Tennessee and because they saw a YouTube video from a Florida gun store owner declaring his business a "Muslim-Free Zone."

"We feel like we should offer a Muslim-Free store where Muslims wont be able to come in here and get guns to hurt any more of our citizens," said Jill Stidham, Co-owner of Jace Firearms.

She says the store has also been displaying a confederate flag in their storefront since last week.

Stidham could not say how they planned to identify Muslims who may attempt to enter the store.

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