Lexington code enforcement declares "Emergency Area" near UK campus during NCAA tournament

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A notice will soon go into effect for several streets near the University of Kentucky campus that the city's Code Enforcement is now calling “emergency areas” for the remaining March madness celebrations.

Four more games are all that stands between the Big Blue Nation and celebrating both a perfect season and UK's 9th National Championship.

Jake Gibbs says, "Most fans, we celebrate responsibly...but history shows there have been some problems in the past."

Problems like burning couches and large crowds simply getting out of hand.

"I'm hoping everyone has fun without hurting anybody or anything, but the city is ready," said Gibbs, Lexington Council Member for the 3rd District.

Multiple city agencies and community partners have been preparing for months. One of the preparations is declaring off campus UK housing areas an 'Emergency Area'.

That prompted Gibbs to send out a notice.

"The graphic from my newsletter is a smiley blue couch who does not want to get torched and that is our fear," said Gibbs.

City leaders say while indoor furniture outside is a code violation at any time, the emergency notice is issued because they are what they call a heightened state of awareness….based on experiences with past celebrations.

"They will be patrolling when usually they just wait and take calls about problems, now they will be out looking for them...they are being proactive," said Gibbs.

The streets in the 'Emergency Area' include but are not limited to the following: State St., Elizabeth St., Conn Terrace, Transcript Ave., Journal Ave., Crescent Ave., University Ave., Waller Ave., Forest Park Rd., Floral Park, Westwood Dr., Westwood Ct., Audubon Ave., Kentucky Ct., Linden Walk, Transylvania Park and Aylesford Pl.

The notice goes into effect at 9 a.m. Thursday, March 26th and will last until 9 a.m. Tuesday, April 7th.

If you see any furniture or other problems outside...you are asked to report it by calling 311.