Lincoln Co. paramedic pronounces woman dead, later found breathing

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LINCOLN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - At this Lincoln County home, it's quiet, but questions surround it.

"I don't know how I feel, I can't feel," said this husband, who didn't want to be identified, but is still grieving over Kristal Tygart, his wife of ten years.

"Every morning she'd get up and pack my lunch, there wasn't a day that she didn't," he recalled.

On April 17th, he woke up and found his wife lying on the floor, "I tried waking her up, but she wouldn't wake up."

The 911 call came out around ten that morning, by 10:06 the first paramedic arrived.

"He just looked at her and felt her and said, 'She's gone.' I said, 'No way! No, no, no, that's not possible.' He said 'Yes, she's gone.' He threw a blanket over her and walked out and shut the door behind me," he described.

The paramedic called out the D-O-A, or dead on arrival, and requested a coroner.

"It's awful man! It was awful," reacted the husband, who said he asked if more could be done but was told no.

Roughly 25 minutes later, Lincoln County Deputies and the Deputy Coroner arrived as a part of the routine death investigation, but what they found was anything but routine.

"He (the deputy) started moving her and said, 'Whoa! Her chest is moving. She's breathing!'" said the husband, "I thought, 'Oh, this is great! She's going to be okay.'"

According to Lincoln County Deputy Coroner Tony Floro, the breathing was faint but Tygart was still unresponsive. The victim was rushed to nearby Ephraim McDowell Hospital and was then flown to UK hospital, where she died the next day. According to the Fayette County Coroner's office, the report said she died of a closed head injury from a fall.

The husband said he and Tygart were at a friend's house the night before where she fell twice, but each time popped up and said she was okay. He said he wonders if she didn't hit her head sometime overnight at their home.

"It's the worst, it's the worst you can imagine," he said of the whole thing.

According to the call log, the paramedic is identified as Troy Cain from West Lincoln EMS. He's the same paramedic who, in September of last year, called for a helicopter to airlift two children after being hit by a heavy shelf. One child was reported to have no major injuries, the other was treated for a cut to the forehead and the back. (See link below for more)

After multiple attempts, we were unable to reach Cain for a comment on this story.

Tygart's husband still wonders what if the paramedic had done more to help his wife sooner.

"Every minute counts, so yeah I didn't understand that," he said, adding the loss just hasn't "totally sank in yet."

Family members say the loss is hard and the unanswered questions make it harder, but they did say the silver lining is that Tygart was able to help 60 other people through organ and tissue donations.