Lincoln County jail workers find Suboxone strips hidden in love letter

STANFORD, Ky (WKYT) - Jail workers in Lincoln County say inmates are finding new ways to smuggle drugs and other contraband into the facility.

They say what they thought was just a piece of mail addressed to an inmate turned out to be illegal contraband inside a hand-crafted love letter.

"People will go to any lengths to ensure that they get the drugs that they need," Jailer Robert Wilson said.

He said it's a constant struggle to keep contraband out of the hand's of inmates.

"We're pulling stuff out of people's body cavities, needles, pill bottles, that people have concealed up inside their body," he said. "That's an everyday thing."

But last week, a love letter, and the hearts covering it, were the attempted method of smuggling.

"One of my deputies saw the hearts stuck to the inside and thought it looked curious," he said.

Behind two of those hearts were small strips of Suboxone. The drug is intended to help with opiate addiction.

The return address on the envelope is a home in Danville. Police went there but it was vacant.

Wilson says they can't charge the inmate the letter was addressed to because they can't prove she knew it was coming.

"Complete tenability," he said. "Of course they knew nothing, that's how it works."

Wilson says if they are able to identify where the letter came from the sender would be charged with felony promoting contraband.

A corrections emergency response team from Marion County searched the jail after the Suboxone strips were discovered. Wilson says they only found tobacco during the search.

Because of the letter the jail is changing the way inmates will receive mail. From now on all mail must come in a plain white envelope and the envelope won't be given to the inmate, just the contents, once they've been searched.

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