Man dead after officer-involved shooting

A routine narcotics investigation on Science Ridge Road in Montgomery County turned deadly Thursday afternoon.

"I knew something bad had happened because there were state police and sheriff's everywhere and I heard a lot of yelling, a lot of running," says neighbor Angela Martin.

State police say 45-year-old Terry Pruitt hid under a bed when officers came in to serve a warrant, then got up and threatened one of their undercover agents.

"The individual inside the residence took an offensive posture and pointed a gun at one of the officers and then the officer reciprocated," says Trooper Endre Samu with Kentucky State Police.

"He just didn't seem like that style of a man. He was real clean cut. Real nice, real polite, eager to help. A nice neighbor," says Martin.

The woman who lives with Pruitt was not injured in Thursday's shooting.

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