Morgan Co. official talks about surviving tornado

WEST LIBERTY, Ky. (WKYT) - 23 minutes. That's how long it's estimated the tornado was on the ground in Morgan County.

Most everyone remembers where they were when it hit, including Morgan County Judge-Executive Tim Conley.

"The last thing I heard on my radio was it's turning," Conley says.

Conley was running the Emergency Management Center the night tornado hit.

"We turned to run, I turned and looked at the door and there was a kid that run in the door," Conley says.

Conley rushed to get that child, his mother and grandmother inside.

"The cars was already being thrown and lifted and rolling," Conley says.

Then, he saw the tornado.

"I was actually in the vortex of the tornado," Conley says. "I stood in the actual center of the tornado."

Conley says he still thinks about that moment and being spared.

"God gave us the power to get that door open," Conley says.