UPDATE: Mysterious farm animal attacks in Shelby County

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SHELBY COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A string of mysterious attacks have a community on alert.

Officials in Shelby County say something is targeting farm animals and leaving them for dead.

So far 10 animals have fallen victim to this unknown creature.

Only markings and dead animals are all that's left behind.

"It's not a werewolf or sasquatch or nothing like that," said Frank Edwards, who lives in the area.

They don't know what it is, but people in Shelby County say it's hiding in the woods.

"We've got trail cameras out. We've got traps out. It's like it's smarter than we are," said Edwards.

Whatever it is has attacked six goats and four calves in the past couple weeks.

What's weird is no one has seen the creature, but people claim they have heard it.

And it only comes out at night and not with the motive to feast.

"It's not doing it to kill the animal to eat. These animals are just being mauled," said Deputy County Judge-Executive Rusty Newton.

That's where the mystery lies. Why? And what could be doing this?

"It's getting a hold of their faces and stuff like that and tearing their ears off. It just leaves them for dead," said Edwards.

Some people not only fear for their animals but themselves not knowing what's out there.

"They made their way to the garage very quickly to get away from whatever it was that was coming up behind them. When they got into the building, where it was safe, the animal did not act aggressively toward them," said Newton.

People in the area have geared up, and some say they are ready to come face to face with this mystery killer.

But what is it? Kentucky Fish and Wildlife experts say it's likely not a wolf, big cat, or some sort of 'mythical' creature.

"That's indicative to a canine dog, a coyote is more of an oblong round," said Sgt. Doug Detherege, examining one of the tracks left by the animal. "If it was a big cat, it wouldn't show any toenail marks at all."

And they think the dog is domestic, and likely has been contained by its owner, since the last attack was over a week ago.

"A wild animal is out to either feed, or defend itself," said Detherege.

Shelby County officials are holding a meeting Monday night at 6:30 in Waddy to inform neighbors of the suspicious activity.

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