National Guard members return home for Easter

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HARRODSBURG, Ky. (WKYT) - Just a day ago more than a dozen members of the National Guard stationed in Afghanistan found out they would be back in the Bluegrass for Easter.

On Saturday, 15 members of the Kentucky National Guard were welcomed home by family and friends.

For nine months the 103rd Brigade Support Battalion has been stationed over in Afghanistan. They have been running base closure operations in support of US Special Operations Command.

On Friday, they received unexpected news that they'd be able to return home to be with their families just in time for Easter.

The soldier's loved ones filled their home station in Harrordsburg this afternoon. Friends and family were anxious to welcome home the men who they call heroes.

During Saturday's ceremony, many of the guardsmen spoke of the difficulties and dangers that went hand-in-hand with their mission overseas. They say it makes them appreciate a day like today that much more.

"This was phenomenal, we had no idea like you heard in speech, we didn't know exactly when we were coming home and we knew it was going to be short notice and we thought it was going to be a quick 30 minutes with our families and boom we are gone but this is astronomical what they did, it really is, really is," said Sargent Major Jeffrey McCrystal, with the Kentucky National Guard.

Some of the guardsmen said what they plan to do next is just take time off and transition to life back at home.

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