New school opens in Robertson County

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ROBERTSON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Students in Robertson County started their day not in a familiar classroom, but in their brand new school.

It's a school that's been six years in the making.

“Our building was one of the worst around since it was built in 1929. It was about time for a new school,” said Chuck Brown, superintendent.

On Thursday, the brand new Robertson County School opened its doors for the very first time.

“It’s amazing and a whole new atmosphere. You can tell the teachers have pride in the new building and the students are in awe, it’s just an amazing feeling,” said Jamey Johnson, principal.

350 students attend the K through 12 school, which is the only one in Robertson County.

Staff members say they're excited to have the chance to teach using the latest technology.

“Every room will have smart board capabilities so we've got top of the line technology,” said Johnson

The school, which is located in the state's smallest county, has also made some big improvements in safety by stepping up security measures across the board.

“It’s a much safer building. We have cameras in the hallways and cameras outside. We have doors that can automatically lock and unlock so it’s top of the line security,” said Johnson.

The school’s principal believes the new school will help bring about a new chapter for education in the county.

The new Robertson County School is replacing the old Deming School.

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