New simulator to train Kentucky students

It's the first of its kind
And today, several groups of high school students got to see what it's like to be a medical professional thanks to a special simulator!

The UK Area Health Education Program now has three vans complete with a life-size, anatomically correct patient simulator.
Those simulators breathe, blink, and even scream if a medical procedure is done incorrectly.

"The fact that this is a mobile simulator will allow us to do this in ways that universities across the country haven't even thought of. So I think that's what makes this unique, that's what makes this something special for the state, not just UK, but for the state of Kentucky," said associate director of AHEC, Chris Johnson.

"I think it's better to learn hands on than if you're just reading a book like we have in class," said Tates Creek High School senior Danyel Cornelius.

The three vans will travel all over the state educating middle and high school students.

the simulators will travel all over the state to educate middle and high school students.