Ohio man identified after a deadly fall at the Red River Gorge

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WOLFE COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A man is dead after rescue crews say he fell more than 200 hundred feet from a scenic overlook at Red River Gorge.

Just after midnight, Wolfe County Search and Rescue got a call about a man who had fallen off the Chimney Top scenic overlook after stepping over the fencing.

A Cincinnati magazine reports the man has been identified as Jason Lazor, a senior marketing manager for Kroger.

John May, with Wolfe County S.A.R. said," It is a popular tourist spot, with great views. Unfortunately, people tend to cross over those barriers and try to jump out onto the chimney and when you do that and try to jump back up there is a little difference in height and they often don't get back up."

Rescuers say Lazor was with a group of about 25 people from Ohio who come to the gorge on a camping trip each year.

"Since it is such a nice spot, there was pretty much a full moon, and the stars were very visible...my guess is they went out to enjoy it on this scenic overlook," said May.

First responders with Wolfe County S.A.R. say they are very familiar with this particular part of the gorge and knew the distance of fall they were dealing with, which is why they called for assistance from surrounding counties.

It took crews from Wolfe, Powell, and Meinfee Counties several hours to work the accident.

"We sent a paramedic down into the crack first to try and locate the subject...the base of that crack was about 100 feet we didn't find him. We did see evidence that he had gone down into that crack and then slid out the other side and fell another 100 feet to the bottom of the cliff," explained May.

May says unfortunately when they are called to this spot, their rescue efforts often turn to a recovery mission.

"We've not had any survivors since I've been on the team that have fallen in that area just because the cliff is so high. Before that time it is my understanding there has been only one survivor and multiple fatalities," he said.

First responders say there was no foul play with this fall but they do believe alcohol may have been involved.

Lazor, of Cincinnati was expecting his first child, according to reports.

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