Police chief calls arrest of Olive Hill mayor an "embarrassment" to city

OLIVE HILL, Ky. (WKYT) - The police chief calls it an embarrassment. The reaction comes a day after officers arrested the mayor of Olive Hill for drug trafficking.

Police say Olive Hill mayor Danny Sparks sold marijuana in a parking lot near Olive Hill Elementary School yesterday afternoon. He now faces a felony charge for drug trafficking within 1,000 feet of a school as well as having an open container of alcohol in his car. City council member Enoch Hicks couldn't believe it.

"It shocked me really, sure did," said Hicks. "I've known him for 20, 25 years. I thought he would be a smarter man than that"

FADE drug enforcement officials say the arrest was the culmination of an investigation that went on for weeks. In the wake of the accusations, Hicks says he can't back Sparks up.

"I'm against drugs. I don't want my kids and grand kids on drugs," said Hicks. "So you know, you can't support somebody like that."

The Grayson Journal-Times posted a resignation letter from Sparks on its website, but until the city council acts on that letter, the police chief says sparks is still officially the mayor.

Police say the mayor's arrest paints the city in a bad light, but their job is to pursue justice regardless of who is accused of a crime.

"Anything that someone does that's illegal that a person that's in a position of public trust does, has to be addressed and addressed swiftly," said Hicks. "Nobody's above the law."

Police say they take drug trafficking seriously in Olive Hill. They say they had 100 cases waiting for indictment last month.

WKYT went to Sparks' office on Thursday morning to get his side of the story, but no one answered the door.

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