State investigating after WKYT spotlighted 'Pop Train' welfare fraud

JACKSON, Ky. (WKYT) - The Cabinet for Health and Family Services will be investigating the "pop train" in Jackson, according to the police chief in Jackson.

Chief Ken Spicer told WKYT the Cabinet for Health and Family Services contacted him this week following our investigation into Kentucky's "pop train" and said they will be investigating the issue. WKYT's investigation focused on Jackson, KY.

Before our story, Chief Spicer had been told by the local food stamp office that the act of buying soda with food stamps, and then selling the soda for cash was not an illegal activity. However, our investigation has uncovered that selling soda bought with food stamps is illegal and falls under 'trafficking'.

The Cabinet for Health and Family Services would not comment to us about any investigation.

Since our story aired, we have received pictures of the "pop train" happening in towns in southern and eastern Kentucky.

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