Man charged with hitting and killing bicyclist on Newtown Pike

Jess Greathouse
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Police have arrested the man they believe is responsible for fleeing the scene after police say he killed a bicyclist on Newtown Pike Friday afternoon.

According to police, Jess Edward Greathouse has been charged with second degree manslaughter, operating a motor vehicle while under the influence, and leaving the scene of an accident.

Fayette County Coroner Gary Ginn has identified the victim as Martiano Pozos, 59.

WKYT spoke with volunteers with Broke Spoke Community Bike Shop. They didn't know Pozos, but they know what it's like to lose someone that way. Sunday was the three year anniversary of the death of a bike shop volunteer. Thomas "Rick" Kerr was killed while riding his bike on Russell Cave Road in 2012. He was hit by a car. Volunteer Allen Kirkwood said a cyclist's death is felt by everyone in the cyclist community.

"It's sad that it happens, especially in the case when it could have been avoided," he said.

Ginn said Pozos was riding inbound on Newtown Pike when he was hit by Greathouse. The coroner said it appears as though he was traveling with traffic, but investigators are not sure how he was hit.

Lexington Police Department spokeswoman Sgt. Ann Welch said the Greathouse initially left the scene, but was located by officers and taken in for questioning.

Welch said witnesses gave police Greathouse's license plate number and provided a description of him. Officers went to the address where the his plates were registered and located him. Welch said Greathouse was initially taken to the hospital.

Donnie Lemm said he was involved in the accident.

"Somebody hit our trailer, we turned around saw the body fly up and the lady kept cutting us off. She wouldn't let us exit, we followed her because we noticed she hit the body and we just got the tags, took the pictures of it and gave it to the police," Donnie Lemm said.

Other witnesses to the aftermath of the accident said several people jumped in to help the victim and administer CPR after he was hit.

"I saw about four gentlemen standing on top of the man in the road and the gentlemen in a red shirt was giving compressions," Tally Kelley said, "It gives you a little bit about humanity. There's people out there that will help a stranger out in their time of need and this gentlemen obviously needed it."

Police were called to the scene at 3:09 p.m. Emergency crews were sent to the area shortly after that. The police department's Collision Reconstruction Unit spent several hours working the scene, trying to determine exactly how the accident occurred.

Police closed inbound Newtown Pike for several hours. Traffic was snarled in that area, and police were trying to open as many lanes as possible while the accident reconstruction unit tries to figure out how the accident happened.

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