Police searching Berea area for missing Madison County teen

Kentucky State Police conducted a new search in Berea on Tuesday.

Several canine teams were brought in to search a wooded area on Horse Cove Road. Police say it's the first time searching there but it is down the road from where Brookelyn was last seen. The Madison County teen disappeared on June 22nd.

"Our previous search was just down the road. We are just broadening it out just to cover our bases," says Sgt. Dustin Hon, with Kentucky State Police.

Crews began the search at 7 a.m. Tuesday and stayed until 2 p.m.
They covered somewhere between 5 and 6 square miles.

They brought in dogs from Kentucky Search Dog Association and Southeast Canine from Tennessee.

"I don't know specifically if there is a time limit on scent on the ground and all that but I think if there is something there, I think the dogs will probably hit on it," adds Hon.

They've not said what they're looking for, or why they're searching again.

"Really not anything we are going to release as far as specifics but it's part of the investigation," says Hon.

Some neighbors watched as police searched for signs of Farthing.

"I hope for the best and I would just love to have closure for her family. I have a 15-year-old and I can't imagine the heart ache," says Jessica Rose, a resident on Horse Cove Road.

"Maybe not today, they may not find her but one day we will know," says Judy Rose, a resident on Horse Cove Road.

Kentucky State Police say the dogs did not find anything to change their investigation from a missing persons case to something else.

Police don't believe they will be back to search this specific area. As of now, police say they do not have any additional searches planned.

Kentucky State Police continue to ask anyone with information on Farthing's disappearance to contact them.

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