Police arrest 3 for smoking marijuana in front of toddler

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The parents of an 18-month-old, named Cloey, are facing criminal abuse charges.

Georgetown police say they found Christina Ohlendorf and Travis Ross, smoking in front of their child inside of an apartment on Northern Heights Drive.

Both of the child's parents declined to make a comment about this incident. However, a friend, Ennis Payton, arrested for the same crime, did have some things to say from behind bars. "I guess the police had smelled marijuana in the air. So they arrested everybody in the house," says Payton.

Payton denies smoking marijuana and claims Cloey wasn't inside the apartment when any smoking was going on, "No. Smoking never. No. They would never smoke. They are some good parents, they would never smoke around the baby."

But police say, they found Cloey under "cruel confinement" saying she was "physically helpless" and exposed to "harmful toxins."

But, Payton is blaming the police for harming Cloey, "It's unfortunate for everyone, especially the baby. You know to be exposed to. How can I put it? Not to marijuana smoke itself but to have to go through what she went through with the police coming to the house. You know. It's traumatizing. Things like that are traumatizing to children."

The child's father, Travis Ross is also facing a trafficking marijuana charge. Police say they found various paraphernalia in the apartment including, electronic scales and bags of marijuana.