Proposed route changes causing concern for Lextran riders

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The thousands of people who take a Lextran bus every day can expect some changes in the coming weeks. More than a dozen routes will be adding services, but it's one being cut that has Karen Garr concerned.

"I feel like it's going to affect everybody," Garr said.

Route 20, which runs through Masterson Station, is scheduled to be eliminated. A bus would still stop on Leestown Road, in front of the neighborhood, but it would not go through it. Garr catches the bus every morning at a stop in front of the Masterson Station clubhouse. If the route is eliminated, she'd have to walk about three quarters of a mile out to Leestown Road. She said that move could cost her her job.

"If I don't have a way to get to work, I lose my job," said Garr.

Garr says the seven blocks she walks to the bus stop now is already tough. If the route changes, there's no way she could get her granddaughter on the school bus and still catch her bus on time.

The Masterson Station line isn't the only route that could be cut. The downtown trolleys would be eliminated and parts of route 16 near Southland would also disappear. Lextran officials say they are making the moves because of low ridership in certain areas. They say they've received more feedback about the Masterson Station proposal than any other proposed route adjustment and are taking those comments seriously. People can come to Lextran's board meeting on October 21 to voice their opinion on the changes.

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