Real-life 'Father Christmas' hands out cash, pays bills for shoppers

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Just two days before Christmas, dozens of people around the Bluegrass received unexpected gifts of free meals, fill ups at gas stations, and $100 bills.

Calling it the spirit of giving and receiving, Rev. James W. Sichko from Richmond went place-to-place Tuesday giving away up $4,000.

"I'm Father Jim Sichko from Saint Mark in Richmond, and I was fortunate enough to receive an anonymous donation of cash," Sichko explained as he randomly approached people and offered to pay their bills for meals, groceries, gas or other purchases.

"I'm going to buy your groceries today. Yes, I'm serious," Sichko told a shocked shopper at a Kroger in Lexington. At the grocery store, he purchased random people's groceries.

While visiting a Winchester McDonald's, he paid customers drive-thru bills before heading to a Richmond gas station to pay for people's fill ups. For his final gesture, Sichko handed our $100 bills to customers at Fayette Mall.

The money for the surprise gift came from an anonymous donor knowing that Sichko practices random acts of kindness and "paying it forward."

"It is my hope that these random acts of kindnesses will bring joy to those on the receiving end," he said.